The Summer Schools represent one of the core activities of the AEGIS – African Studies in Europe network. They take place on every second year and are intended to serve as a feeder for the biannual European Conference on African Studies (ECAS) with which they alternate. The Schools are constructed around a specific theme tied to the upcoming ECAS event. Research students who have completed fieldwork and are in the writing up stage are eligible to apply to participate.
The format is one in which students present their work (a research paper is pre-circulated) and receive written and oral feedback from staff and their peers. Although most of the staff and students are drawn from AEGIS Centres, there are usually some participants from other Universities, and a special effort is made to facilitate the participation of PhD students from Africa. The philosophy behind the Summer Schools is that a period of intensive intellectual engagement, complemented by social interaction in a relaxed setting, should forge close bonds between participants that will facilitate the emergence of lasting collaborations amongst cohorts of young researchers in Europe and Africa. The first five Summer Schools were organized in Cortona, in Tuscany. The sixth in 2014 remained in Italy, but was transplanted to Cagliari (Sardinia). The expectation is that the Summer School will return to Cagliari in 2016.
 Details on previous Summer Schools may be found at:

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